Today, the video of the day isn’t music, or a short film. It’s fantasy artist Dan Reeder’s video on how to make an astonishingly cool paper mache dragon! The video is time-compressed so that you can watch the entire process in a little over three minutes. The results are amazing, and watching this video could give you some ideas about how to use paper mache to build your own creations. The video is a little fast and isn’t meant to be a tutorial on its own, just to give you a general idea of what the process is like. It actually takes weeks to make one of these sculptures, mostly because of the drying time required between each stage. If you want to learn more about it, you can visit Reeder’s blog, Gourmet Paper Mache. There you can find more helpful tutorial videos and step by step process articles on how he makes his creations.

Dan Reeder has been making paper mache dragons for more than 40 years, and has authored several books on fabrication techniques. He uses newspaper, flour, water, wire, Fimo, and other commonly available materials to create some of the most astonishing dragons you’ll ever see. Some light up. Others glow in the dark, though Reeder says on his blog that he chose that particular color of Fimo not because it glows in the dark, but because it happens to be just the right color for teeth and horns.

The art of paper mache is centuries old, but is still popular today. Costumers and prop makers in particular find the art of making sculptures out of nothing but paper and flour paste fascinating, because many of the techniques are transferable for use with other, more modern materials used in cosplay fabrication. Even if you don’t make things yourself, today’s video is a fascinating peek at the process.


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