Star Wars: The Force Awakens stillby Nur Hussein, staff writer

Before this teaser came out I told myself, I wouldn’t get too excited over it. After all, I was dying to see The Phantom Menace and guess how that turned out. After being burned by the prequels, I had Star Wars fatigue. A lot of fans did.

But then this new teaser for The Force Awakens came out. I’m irrationally excited.

We get a voiceover about the Force awakening (perhaps the voice of Max Von Sydow). Then we get John Boyega’s character pop up in the desert. He’s a stormtrooper protagonist! I love the idea! It humanizes the faceless soldiers of the Empire. We see a ball-shaped droid, and glimpses of the new stormtroopers. Then we see Daisy Ridley on a giant speeder. She is in grey, drab garb. Maybe she’s a smuggler? Then we see X-Wings. X-WINGS! Oscar Isaac is piloting one. It’s a snazzy new design. The stormtroopers also have a newly designed helmet. It’s new and different, but not too much that we don’t recognize what they are. It’s a natural progression from the original trilogy designs, and not as jarring as the prequels’ yellow and chrome spaceships.

Finally, we see a shot of the Sith villain, now with an even more over-the-top lightsaber than the late Darth Maul had.

Ever since we learned that George Lucas sold off his beloved space franchise to Disney, who then announced they’d be releasing new Star Wars episodes, perhaps to perpetuity, I started to feel sorry for the dead horse being flogged. But then what if, what if J.J.Abrams, the new custodian of all the classic space franchises, could re-inject the fun back into our beloved saga? What if we got a movie so awesome it would make us forget the tedium of the prequels? What if we got to love Star Wars again?

That’s why I’m excited.

That, and the sizzling Millenium Falcon tracking shot at the end.

Is it 2015 yet?

Post script from station manager, Gene Turnbow: This new trailer makes heavy use of black intercuts. The original Star Wars trailer presented by Lucasfilm at the 1976 NasFIC used exactly this same trick.  What Abrams did was a very intentional homage to the original Star Wars trailer: long segments of black, intercut with intensely visual, but very short, action sequences. This is a very conscious design choice, sort of a “secret handshake” for the die hard fans.


Nur Hussein
Nur Hussein

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