CDCoverArtWhat does every science fiction show need? Its own soundtrack, of course! We are proud to announce the release of official soundtrack album of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdomthe science-from-fiction radio program that airs here on each Thursday. The album is called Doctor Geek’s Laboratory: The Science of Music … From Fiction!!! It features 48 selections from the radio show’s first and second seasons.

The album is dedicated to Chris Harrington, who not only plays Mr. Flask in the show, but is also the shows audio/visual imagineer. It was he who, during the creation of the first season, said, “You know what this needs? Incidental music.”

Harrington was right, and before they knew it, incidental music became an essential part of every story.

There are plenty of ways to get the album. Besides iTunes, and all the typical retailers, you can download it directly from CD Baby, from the music store on their Facebook page, or from the Dr. Geek web site.

A physical CD release will be available beginning in December 2014.

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