by Gene Turnbow, Station Manager

[krvod url=] Peanuts has been part of the American comics landscape since Charles Schulz created the strip in 1950. Every year, the Peanuts specials on television come around, and they are timeless, and perfect. Will the new computer animated movie Peanuts win us over, or creep us out?


If we were a more cynical media and news outlet, we’d have gone with that, but for pity’s sake, it’s Peanuts! Take a look at this trailer, and you’ll see why I think this is going to be the movie to see for Christmas of 2015. The director, Blue Sky’s Steve Martino, knows to play to the happy memories we have of the Peanuts television specials, so the new computer animated movie has a look and sound that is a perfect match. And to put a point on it, this isn’t something one can casually do. It doesn’t hurt that Charles Schulz’ son and grandsons Craig and Bryan are writing and producing.

Every movement has to be designed to work the same way it would have in the cartoons, which in turn were carefully made to remind us of the printed comic strips. Even things like motion lines, and the fact that the action all seems to play out on a single plane of action the way it would have in the comic strip. The writers, artists and animators at Blue Sky Studios are knocking this one out of the park and into the next county.

Blue Sky Studios is, by this time, a name you can trust to create great entertainment. They created the amazing and inventive Robots, as well as all the Ice Age movies, and last year’s Epic (which was a very ambitious title for a movie, but it lived up to its title.) Blue Sky Studios has succeeded in capturing the magic, and I am looking forward to seeing what new magic they make. Have a look.

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Gene Turnbow
Gene Turnbow

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