[krvod url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvXqksf9RsU]Diwa de Leon teamed up with Lady Game Lyric to create this great cover of Jonathan Coulton’s Still Alive from the soundtrack of the insanely popular computer game, Portal.  

Originally sung by Ellen McLain, this iconic song works well as a pop-rock tune. If you’ve played and beaten Portal, though, you get a whole new context for it. Diwa de Leon created this piano- and strings- heavy arrangement for it, and it fits well in his impressive catalog of game music covers. Lady Game Lyric (Erin Fan) provides the strong vocals. Her appearance and her voice almost don’t seem like they belong to the same person. She looks pretty and petite, but her voice is rich, sonorous, feminine, but expressive and robust. We think she would be amazing as a torch singer; she certainly has the pipes for it.

That’s Diwa in the Wheatley cosplay. He spent weeks creating the papier-mâché headgear. In his videos, it’s usually him singing all the parts and playing all the instruments.

We love this cover, and if you keep it tuned to SCIFI.radio during the day, you can hear it in our regular rotation.


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Portal “Still Alive”
Performed by The String Player Gamer & Lady Game Lyric
Arranged by Diwa de Leon
Vocals by Erin Fan
Original music by Jonathan Coulton
Originally sung by Ellen McLain

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