[krvod url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ0CZB_DUzE#t=1]A capella music has a special charm. It is the human voice, naked and without embellishment or the structural support instrumental accompaniment gives. It is here that the musicianship of the artist really shines. When you combine the magic of the human voice with the magic of beloved Disney tunes, the result is, well, magic!

This is a studio recording of a medley by an a capella group called The Magic of Voices, a beautifully blended serving of Disney songs about flight. It’s the most uplifting thing we’ve heard in a long while, and we hope you’ll feel the same way about it.

If you want the whole album, or just this one track, you can get it here from iTunes.



SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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