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BOOM! Studios, the award-winning publisher of Big Trouble in Little China, Farscape, and the upcoming Escape from New York series, has announced that it will be publishing the new, steampunk-themed series Lantern City. BOOM! Studios’ Archaia imprint, which is responsible for the Eisner Award-winning Mouse Guard, is teaming up with Macrocosm Entertainment to present the ambitious Lantern City as a 12-issue limited comic book series.

Lantern City is a fan-funded television-series-in-progress/multimedia event created by Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5Tron, Tron: Legacy) and partners Trevor Crafts (Macrocosm’s CEO), and writer Matthew James Daley. Hailed as a Steampunk saga, Lantern City takes place in Lantern City, in a world parallel to Earth. The walled, sprawling, cityscape of Lantern City is divided by class and torn by violence. The workers keep the city going, while the Grey Empire live in their lofty towers where they oppress and manipulate for their power. While down below in the city underground, vast criminal empires and weird science hold sway. But through all the oppression comes a light in the darkness. Heroes will rise in a sweeping, character-driven, Steampunk epic that BOOM! Studios editor-in-chief Matt Gagnon calls an “irresistible draw of the Steampunk genre,” and  “big in scope.”

Macrocosm CEO Trevor Crafts also said of the collaboration, “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with BOOM! Studios and Archaia … At the heart of the Lantern City saga is a simple question: How far would you go to be with the person you love the most? It is what drives every character and every action they take … and we are thrilled to explore this new world and these new stories with Archaia and bring Lantern City to fans all over the world.”

“This is the biggest story Archaia has done in single issues yet,” Gagnon said, “and we’re thrilled to be working with Macrocosm to bring Lantern City to comics.”

Stay tuned to SCIFI.radio for more information on the Lantern City series as it becomes available. For story outline, characters, and Behind-the-Scenes footage, you can go to the Lantern City website.

But first, you can check out this trailer.



Michael Brown
Michael Brown

Michael Brown is a comics nerd and a father who lives in small town Tennessee. When he’s not making his players mad in his “Shadowrun” RPG or experimenting with new and inventive uses of duct tape on his children, you can find him checking out the latest comics and movies for SCIFI.radio!

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