by Michael Brown, staff writer

10615528_352123494945495_1256525863434578373_nFor months now, filmmakers/actresses Patty Jean Robinson and Kim Turney have sweated over an Indiegogo campaign, hoping to generate enough fan-fueled cash to launch the pilot of their cinematic vision. Well, they’ve done it. And all the better for us. Turney and Robinson are the masterminds behind Pike and Trident, a new action/comedy/adventure/science-fiction/fantasy web series. Besides being the technical geniuses behind the series, the duo are also its stars. Turney plays Myrtle Pike, a museum curator from the year 3535, and Robinson plays Trudy Trident, her hapless assistant.

In the year 3535, Pike is the curator of a museum full of historical artifacts. After getting into a brouhaha with her hated assistant, Trident, an accident occurs that scatters priceless historical artifacts throughout the timestream. Furious, their boss sends them both on a mission to retrieve the artifacts from wherever in time they’ve ended up. In the pilot, called “A Viking We Will Go,” the duo have landed in the Viking ages where they’ve been tasked with retrieving an “automobile floor preserver,” known to us as, simply, a floor mat. The pilot starts off with Trident returning to camp with the artifact after having fought off some Vikings. With a little exposition, we are treated to their origin story, and then all heck breaks loose. Trident is frustrated with Pike, who is having a meal while Trident gets her hands dirty, and Trident has had enough.

What follows is a really well-choreographed, slapstick fight that ends with — well, I’m not saying. Other than to say that as far as anticipated web series go, this one is a favorite. Turney, a noted fight choreographer herself, teamed up with Jan Bryant, whose fight choreography resume includes Master and Commander, Hidalgo, and the Mask of Zorro, to include some pretty good fight sequences. Robb Padgett’s score is also fantastic and fits the series well.

And it’s fun. It’s just straight up fun. It’s a funny, seven-plus minute romp that had me laughing out loud. Turney and Robinson, who are friends in real life, have a great chemistry that allows one to continuously play off the other. This is a labor of love for Turney and Robinson, and I have no doubt that they’ll put everything they have into their series. In an interview I did with them earlier this year, they said they had it all planned out. The characters will meet and mingle with historical figures, maybe even getting a visit from Nikola Tesla himself.

Pike and Trident: A Viking We Will Go is a great start to what I hope is a continuing series. I suppose that depends on the money Turney and Robinson have raised to be able to film further episodes. It would be a tragedy if the adventures of Pike and Trident were to end here. Let’s hope not.  To check out A Viking We Will Go, click the link here.


Michael Brown
Michael Brown

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