We realize this probably won’t be the last trailer we see for Disney’s Big Hero 6, but we’re looking forward to seeing this so much that we just can’t resist sharing it with you. It’s based very loosely on a relatively obscure Marvel Comics title from 1998, with nearly the entire storyline being rewritten. Purists will be disappointed, but there’s little ground for grumbling, really, because this treatment has almost nothing to do with the original book. The story revolves around a 14-year-old robotics prodigy named Hiro who lives in the fictional city San Fransokyo. It’s still about a team of superheroes, though, and in this new trailer we get to see them suit up, and we learn a little more about Beymax, a medical robot created by Hiro’s elder brother.

It’s also the first collaboration between Disney Animation and Marvel Studios since Disney bought Marvel in 2009. While every bit as bright and light hearted as other Disney films, it does deal with some rather heavy emotional themes. It looks like nothing Disney has ever done before, and separates itself even further from the usual Disney fare by not being a musical.

If you want to listen to the theme music for the movie, go to the official web site. It’s about as epic as the score for The Avengers.  

Ryan Potter plays Hiro Hamada. Beymax is voiced by Scott Adsit. Big Hero 6 releases in the United States on November 7, 2014. U.K. residents don’t get to see it until January 15. We have no idea why they have to wait that long, and a delay like this between the U.S. release and the U.K. release is very unusual.

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