Stephanie Brown as Spoiler

Stephanie Brown as Spoiler will appear in Batman Eternal #24

by Nur Hussein, staff writer

Stephanie Brown is set to return in DC Comics’ New 52 continuity as the Spoiler, once again! She is set to get back into action in Batman Eternal #24, which is out today.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stephanie Brown, she is a supporting character in the Batman comics who briefly became a female Robin, and eventually, Batgirl. Even though she is a relatively minor character, she has a dedicated fan following, and it’s easy to understand why; she is one of the more interesting sidekicks that Batman has trained. In the comics, Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the villain Cluemaster. She first becomes the vigilante known as Spoiler, who “spoils” her fathers crimes by aiding the good guys. She later joins Batman’s team and takes the mantle of Robin.

Alas, Stephanie’s tenure as Robin was not to last. She was apparently tortured and killed in the pages of the Batman comic in 2004. In 2008, she was brought back (she faked her death), and eventually became Batgirl for a while in the Batgirl solo comic. Sadly for Stephanie Brown fans, the title was cancelled after 24 issues and she was replaced with Babs Gordon. Eventually, after the New 52 rebooted the entire DC universe (again), Stephanie was not mentioned at all for a full two years.

The poor handling of her character didn’t make the fans very happy at all, and jaded readers might think DC Comics didn’t want us to have nice things. There was a perceived antipathy towards the character from DC Comics, particularly from DC executive editor Dan DiDio who once said “She was never really a Robin.”

After the New 52 reboot, there was a fan campaign to bring Stephanie back to the pages of the comic. Since Stephanie liked waffles, the fans called the campaign Waffles For Stephanie, where they sent waffles and waffle mix to the editors (and DiDio still thought she didn’t really have any fans, even after receiving waffles from those allegedly nonexistent fans). Eventually, DC announced in October last year that she really would be returning as Spoiler, and fans rejoiced.

So, Stephanie returns this week as promised. We hope they keep her around longer this time ’round. Fans, go celebrate with Batman Eternal #24, and some waffles.


Nur Hussein
Nur Hussein

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