by Nur Hussein, staff writer

[krvod url=]The Doctor is back, and will be coming to our screens very soon now! BBC has posted a brand new trailer for the first episode of Doctor Who‘s latest series (which is UK-speak for season). This is Peter Capaldi’s first full episode, after two cameos in the last two specials of Doctor Who. We were promised a “darker” Doctor, and we can’t wait to see him in action.

We are treated to a T-rex roaring in Victorian England, with the Doctor in a nightgown waking up to trouble. The Paternoser Gang returns (Silurian crime-fighter Madame Vashtra, her wife Jenny and their Sontaran friend Strax) for another adventure, and we see glimpses of an android (cyborg?) in a top hat. Clara doesn’t seem to like the Doctor’s TARDIS redecoration (although I can’t seem to see anything different about it). Doctor Who returns Saturday, August 23, 2014, on BBC1 in the UK, and BBC America will air the episode on the same day.


Nur Hussein
Nur Hussein

Nur is a tinkerer of programmable things, an apprentice in an ancient order of technomages. He enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, comic books, and Lego in his spare time. His favourite authors are Asimov and Tolkien. He also loves Celtic and American folk music. You can follow him on twitter: @nurhussein