Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll

by  Nur Hussein, staff writer

The latest bit of casting news from Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series is that they have recruited Deborah Ann Woll of HBO’s True Blood fame to play Karen Page, Matt Murdock’s love interest.

Woll is an actress from Brooklyn, New York, and after a few guest appearances in TV programs such as ER and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, she landed a role as a vampire in the main cast of True Blood. Her character is an original creation of the TV series writers (the series is based on the books by Charlaine Harris). As True Blood is ending soon, it’ll be great for fans of Woll to see her in another genre role as Karen Page.

In the comics, Karen Page is involved in a love triangle with both the blind attorney/superhero Matt Murdock and his best friend Foggy Nelson. It is interesting to note that Woll’s real life boyfriend suffers from a condition called choroideremia, a genetic condition leading to eventual blindness. Woll has been involved in campaigns to raise awareness of the disease.

The news of Woll joining the cast of Daredevil follows from June’s casting announcements of Rosario Dawson and Elden Henson, who will both be in the series. Henson will play Foggy Nelson, but Dawson’s role is yet unrevealed, leading to fan speculation that she might be the series’ Elektra, or perhaps the deaf superheroine Echo. Playing the series’ villain Wilson Fisk is Vincent D’Onofrio.

Marvel’s Daredevil is scheduled to air on Netflix in May 2015.

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Nur Hussein
Nur Hussein

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