Arrow_ManuBennetby Alicia Glass, contributing writer

One of the most hotly speculated items at SDCC this year among fans knowledgeable and not, was which character of the DC-verse would be chosen for Arrow’s Season 3 major villain. We’ve already been graced with the likes of  John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn and a Spartacus-laden Deathstroke (Manu Bennet), both of whom caused Ollie and his family and Starling City no small amount of grief.

But that is hardly the end of our archer-in-green’s troubles. The trailer presented at a late Comic-Con evening finally gave us a reveal of just who Season 3’s BigBad would be, and the crowd went absolutely ape-shit. You have to go all the way to 2:30 in the trailer to catch his iconic and stunning reveal, but it is totally worth it.


Oded-FehrRa’s al Ghul is quite possibly one of the most iconic and well-known villains of the DC-verse, despite being a master assassin, known to hide in the shadows. You may remember him wearing Liam Neeson’s skin (and Kenny Wantanabe’s, too, if you want to get technical), in two Nolan Batman films. He’s also screamed the voice acting talents of the likes of Jason Isaacs, Giancarlo Esposito, and Dee Bradley Baker. So who will bring life to the 600+ year-old master villain of the DC-verse on the small screen?

His name is Oded Fehr, and you are likely to know him from the Mummy movies, as head mage, Ardeth Bay. He’s also been in a few of the Resident Evil films, as kick-ass Alice’s friend Carlos; a regular on the TV show Covert Affairs; and was the absolute star of this underrated television gem called Sleeper Cell. His amazing voice has already lent itself to the DC universe in several incarnations: Dr. Fate in Justice League, Equinox in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and yes, Ra’s al Ghul himself in Young Justice. Fehr’s smoldering looks, rich Turkish-coffee-like voice and all-around bad-assery, should make for a very fine sendup of Ra’s al Ghul!