DSC00733by Alicia Glass, contributing writer

The Second Mass. is finally back! Aliens have taken over the world, or at least TNT, and humanity is banding together with unexpected alien allies, strange new hybrids to fight, and altogether showing that we will never surrender and never give up! Or will we?

That’s right kids, I am sorry to say that while it wasn’t particularly announced at the Falling Skies panel per se, they did confirm that yes, Season 5 would be the last season of Falling Skies. [Editorial note: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!] The vibe seemed to be in the air that most of the die-hard fans knew this already, and no one was happy about it, least of all the cast. Will Patton in particular stated in his subdued way that he’d prefer to keep fighting aliens on TV forever!

falling-skies-season-4Noah Wyle was engaging and intelligent as always, cracking jokes about his similar character Tom Mason and the newfound Ghost, and how we haven’t seen Tom’s meltdown yet, but it sure is coming! He spoke of how the main characters dispersed in the fourth Season, so each could become the Hero of his or her own personal story, before coming back together, and his passion for the history-meeting-present the show lets his character in particular portray.

Maxim Knight, who plays the youngest male Mason on the show, Matt, was of course given good-natured ribbing about his newfound potential love-interest at the Espheni youth re-education center, and pinkly informed the audience about how he and she had “practiced” their kissing scene before it was shot.

Connor Jessup, who plays Ben Mason, post-harnessed fighter and translator, wasn’t actually at the panel, but plenty of mention was made about the supposed love triangle now forming between Ben, Maggie and the missing Hal Mason. Maxim had to take some joking about that too, with the moderator guessing that the youngest male Mason would be the next to take a crack at Maggie! Sarah Carter, who gives us the incredibly strong presence of Maggie on the show, laughed and denied her character’s apparent obsession with the Mason men! 

Scarlett Byrne is the new face of grown-up Lexi, that human-Espheni-hybrid-we-don’t-know-what-she-is, and boy, is she pretty in real life, even without the signature platinum hair! Her British accent and smoldering looks won her prize roles in some of the Harry Potter movies (now guess which character) and bring an incredible presence, beyond Lexi’s own inherent powers, to the small screen of Falling Skies

Doug Jones spoke of the rebellion and passions of his own character, the Volm known as Cochise (a name of course given to him by Tom Mason: a nod to history), who seems to be enduring his teenage rebellion years by deciding to stay on Earth and aid his new human friends in the fight against the Espheni. How the human spirit, that which endures forever and comes alive in the brightest ways in times of crisis, can cross even species boundaries and enflame the spirits of others! Jones livened things up with his adorable sense of humor and stories. Like the one about Drew Roy, who plays Hal Mason on the show, posting embarrassing pics of the cast on social media, such as the one of Jones in full Volm makeup trying to eat lunch!

The show-runners did state that there would (finally) be some exploration into the culture of the Volm (the alien allies of the humans) in Season 5. Also, rather than seeing brand-new aliens, we would likely see variations on existing species familiar within the show, so I’m betting we’re in for lots and lots of hybrids, like Lexi.

New Falling Skies episodes can be found on TNT on Sundays at 10/9c!

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