Photo by Karina "Cinerina" Mongomery

Photo by Karina “Cinerina” Mongomery

by Nur Hussein, staff writer

Outside Comic-Con, there are a plethora of protestors, and there is one guy carrying a sign that says “Edgar Wright Was Right.”

He is of course, referring to director Edgar Wright’s departure from the Marvel movie Ant-Man, which had been in production for a long time with Wright at the helm, only to have him drop out suddenly over “creative differences” with the top brass.

After Wright’s departure, Marvel scrambled to get a new director on board, and for a while, it seemed like a whole bunch of them went through a revolving door until one popped through: Peyton Reed, whose previous directing credits include Bring It On, and Yes Man.

Now, I sympathize with Ant-Man Protestor Guy. I am a huge fan of Wright’s work, and I really love his distinct style of comedic filmmaking. The quick cuts and snappy dialogue make for unique and very funny films, and if Wright had continued as director, I wonder if we’d get an Ant-Man film in the same vein of Hot Fuzz (which, in my humble opinion, is the Citizen Kane of buddy-cop comedies) or Scott Pilgrim (which is a lot better than most critics say). At the very least, it would be a welcome stand-out in the series of Marvel films, which in their quest to maintain universe-coherence sometimes come out middling at best (Iron Man 2, the first Thor).

I have not seen any of Peyton Reed’s films, except for Bring It On, because it is constantly playing in a loop on the long-haul bus that I often take here in Malaysia, and it is tough to ignore it when it’s playing on a giant screen in the front. I know Bring It On has fans, and with no disrespect intended to them or Reed;  for me that film is the visual equivalent of a 98-minute root canal without anesthetic. That’s also the reason why I always bring painkillers on bus rides now.

Now, I never judge a movie without seeing it, not even the ones by Michael Bay (maybe Transformers 5 will be good, fifth time’s the charm as they say … right?) so I will be going into Ant-Man with an open mind. But I can’t help but think maybe that sole Ant-Man Protestor Guy is right.

In recognition of Ant-Man Protestor Guy’s valiant efforts, Edgar Wright himself tweeted “Someone take that guy with the sign out for a beer on my behalf. I’m worried about him in the heat.”

Keep fighting the good fight, sole Ant-Man Protestor Guy!



Nur Hussein
Nur Hussein

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