[krvod url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=706WrfzK_3U]This really fitting 75th Anniversary tribute video was made by YouTube user Peter Sjostrand, in much the same format as a video celebrating Superman’s 75th was released on his just last year. But while not a DC-sanctioned tribute, it is lovingly made by a fan for the fans, and we at SCIFI.radio are proud to bring it our fans as we continue to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight Detective. We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage of this pop-culture milestone.



Michael Brown
Michael Brown

Michael Brown is a comics nerd and a father who lives in small town Tennessee. When he’s not making his players mad in his “Shadowrun” RPG or experimenting with new and inventive uses of duct tape on his children, you can find him checking out the latest comics and movies for SCIFI.radio!

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