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Being a book nerd, I frequent Barnes and Noble bookstore quite often. I have my usual sections that I visit, new releases, bargain, classics, teen, and a quick glance over the graphic novels and manga. I grew up at bookstores sitting on itchy carpet floors debating between books as my mom tapped her foot impatiently. But not all of us are into YA like I am. So maybe visiting Barnes and Noble doesn’t make its way onto your schedule as much as it does me, maybe you’d rather haunt the local comic book store instead. That’s cool but starting this weekend and moving into early August, Barnes and Noble has a reason for all of us nerds, geeks, and fellow dorks to gather inside its doors across the country.

The name of the game is Get Pop Cultured Week. Before and throughout this week different pop culture phenomena will be celebrated. The preview weekend consists of different costume contests for both little ones and those 13 and up. You can also take a shelfie with your costume and tweet it in for a chance to win a $500 gift card to Barnes and Noble, today only! See the rules here. Of course, this isn’t the only activity happening throughout Barnes and Nobles everywhere.

get pop culturedDifferent days have different themes and on some of the themed days, actors or writers are visiting hot spot locales to do signings. Some of these guests in the LA area include Chris Colfer visiting several stores to sign his books Land of Stories for middle-grade children as well as hero therapy dogs to play with. The themed days are as follows: Batman Day on 7/23; DC Comics Spectacular 7/23-7/27; Comic Convention collectibles 7/24-7/27; Frozen Friday 8/1; Marvel Day 8/2; James Patterson Day 8/3; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 8/4-8/9; Page and Screen 8/9-8/10.

Each day will be filled with different contests, giveaways, and deals according to theme. Check out what’s happening at the Barnes and Noble near you. Tag us in your shelfie photo contest entries (#kryptonradio), and tell us about events in your town celebrating Get Pop Cultured week. I’ll be showing you what’s happening in the Midwest as well. Enjoy everyone!



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SCIFI Radio Staff

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