It’s the day after New Comic Day, which means it’s time for a new Four-Color Bullet, the only comic book review column still under $2.99 an issue. Let’s get to it, eh?

From those crazy folks at Marvel this week, Kamala Khan starts to come into her place in the world, but if she’s going to survive, she’ll need some help from a certain six-clawed Canadian, in Ms. Marvel #6; Charles Xavier’s last will and testament is discovered, but it may bode ill for the X-Men, in Uncanny X-Men #23, an Original Sin tie-in; and Nova gets some help from Rocket Raccoon to solve some Original Sin-style mysteries, in Nova #19

From DC this week, the Teen Titans become teen celebrities, in Teen Titans #1; Robin may have been found, but the fight isn’t over. Not when Ra’s al Ghul’s blood feud is interrupted by Darkseid, in Robin Rises: Omega #1; Green Arrow is dead, and the Justice League wants Firestorm to pay, in The New 52: Futures’ End #11.

IDW brings us the first issue of The X-Files: Year Zero, wherein Mulder investigates a case from the 1940s that brings to light how the FBI’s X-Files division came to be, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #36 have Splinter and Leo preparing for their coming war with Shredder and the Foot. And the Rat King strikes!  

Written by Jason Aaron Penciled by Mike Deodato Jr.

Written by Jason Aaron
Penciled by Mike Deodato Jr.

Okay. Only one comic this week stood out enough to review and that was Original Sin #6. Marvel’s murder mystery miniseries has reached it’s next-to-last-to-last issue and while some questions have been answered, there are still plenty more out there. If you’ve been following along, you know that our heroes have discovered the origins of the gamma bullets found in some of the dead otherworldly creatures that Doctor Strange and Punisher have been investigating. We know that Exterminatrix and Doctor Midas, two villains who haven’t been seen in years, are up to their necks in it. We know that, before and during S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury worked as a one-man cosmic assassin, being a “wall’ between us and whatever otherworldly creatures threatened us.

We’re still not sure who killed the Watcher, only that he and Fury didn’t get along. And Fury has aged with the apparent absence of his Infinity Formula. And the heroes have had enough. To quote Robert Redford’s character in Sneakers, one of my all time favorite movies, “No more secrets.”  And one of the more interesting aspects of this issue, is that Fury may come out of this as both hero and villain, in what could very well be his final story.

And while this issue was better than last issue’s interlude, there’s just too much talking for an event book. Writer Jason Aaron tries to keep it all mysterious with only two issues left, and the whole thing starts to get clunky. And artist Mike Deodato’s shadowy art doesn’t lend itself to the individual faces of the heroes standing around chin wagging, trying to solve the thing and pressing Fury for answers. Thankfully, a fight breaks out toward the end that gives you the eye candy you need from an event book.

While it was a good issue, there’s just way too much talking and not enough action for this late in the game.

And that is Four-Color Bullet for this week. If you haven’t heard, Marvel announced some shake-ups in the status quo, with Thor being made female, and Sam Wilson taking up the shield as Captain America. And, there’s some news on Iron Man that got hinted at today. It seems that Tony is moving to San Francisco, and he’s got Extremis for everybody!  We’ll get that to you as soon as we know more. Big big news, and has the skinny on both Thor and Cap.

Wednesday is Batman Day, as DC celebrates the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary. I want to hear from you guys on what you consider to be the best Batman stories ever told, and I’ll share the top 10 on a Batman Day addition of Four-Color Bullet, in addition to some other Batman Day stuff we’re working on.

It’s a great time to be a comics fan. See ya next week on Batman Day!

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