Yogscast is known not only for great gaming related video blogging, but for a surprising number of original songs about gaming in general.  Today’s offering is a Yogscast instant classic.  Diggy Diggy Hole was originally released two years ago, and has since become an internet meme in its own right .  It  lays it on thick with a little Tolkein-style Dwarven esprit de corps as we watch a young Dwarf learns what it means to be King Under the Mountain.

The original song by Yogscast, Diggy Diggy Hole, has been around for two years.  This new version, though, comes with a terrific new animation – and it’s also musically the best performed and produced version of the song Yogscast has ever done.

As a side note here, Yogscast started by adding their commentary to popular topics that appeal to gaming fans.  Now, though, they’ve firmly established themselves as creators of the new media.  We just wanted to make that clear to the reader, and we’re going to be looking for a lot more Yogscast music to share with you.


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SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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