We had no idea there would be this huge a response to Idina Menzel‘s rendition of Let It Go from the new Disney Animation classic Frozen.  

In a way, Disney releasing karaoke versions of many of the signature songs as tracks on the soundtrack album was a blessing twice:  once because it lets so many people create new filks of it, and a second time because it encouraged a legion of new artists and performers to take a crack at it.  We’re seeing new singers and artists we’ve never heard of before, and since Disney has succeeded in creating an internet meme and we’ve heard the song over and over – and over – we can concentrate on the performers themselves and see how really brilliant some of them are.

That’s why today’s Video of the Day is another take on Let It Go.  In this one, Elsa is genderbent, and it’s a guy singing it.  The animation by Jess the Dragoon (real name Shoukei Tam) is done in Adobe Flash.  It’s not as polished as Disney animation, but it’s a different style, and done much more quickly than Disney can. Considering that this is 2D animation done in a very short period of time by a single person, it’s a remarkable achievement.    The singer, Nathan Smith, turns a soundtrack ballad into a power ballad, with amazing results.  He’s got the expression, versatility and range to really power effortlessly through this, and we hope to hear more from him.

We hope you enjoy today’s offering.  We did.

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SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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