GuradiansArguably this summer’s most hotly anticipated release, Guardians of the Galaxy looks more and more promising with each new morsel Marvel releases. We hope, though, that this isn’t a case where all the great material from the film is being revealed in pre-release publicity, and what remains is merely the glue that holds it all together. Fans lined up across the country last night to see a 17-minute IMAX sneak peek, shown at 150 theaters, and most came away excited for more.

The latest appetizer is this extended trailer, which is the first chance that the general public (those who weren’t able to get to the IMAX preview) gets to look a bit deeper than the (funny and attention-grabbing) tidbits that were released early on. This trailer features The Runaways’ song “Cherry Bomb” as background. They’re getting full bang for their musical buck on this soundtrack! The interplay between snarky Rocket and doofy Peter is hilarious, yet, Peter is so sincere in his doofiness, the team can’t help but be genuinely inspired to follow him. Take our unlikely hero Peter and Rocket, the psychotic-yet-lovable mobile arsenal, add in Gamora as the brains of the outfit, Drax providing intimidating muscle and loyalty, and Groot being, well, Groot, and you’ve got a recipe for either unmitigated disaster or the most bizarre success story on record. Either way, though, it’ll be entertaining!


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