20438_265616251657_8053232_nby Michael Brown, staff writer

Batman and Robin have finally beaten the one foe they couldn’t triumph over: corporate red tape. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced that all 120 episodes of the 1966 Batman TV series will make its way to home video just in time for the holidays as Batman: The Complete Series. Fans have waited 50 years for the release of the beloved, cult favorite starring Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as his trusty sidekick, Robin, the Boy Wonder, and a cornucopia of celebrity guest-villains and star-studded cameos. In addition to the 120 episodes, Warner Bros. has included special features in the set, as well as having fully remastered the episodes in high definition.

Conan O’Brien first let the news slip back in January via twitter that a boxed set was finally on the way, causing fans to giggle excitedly. The rights to Batman had been so tangled up in a convoluted battle involving DC Comics, its parent company, Warner Bros., and Greenway Productions/ABC/20th Century Fox, that not even a well-aimed Batarang could cut through it. But now, fans can re-live the fun when the series is released in November.

And if November is too long to wait, DC Comics is currently publishing a digital-exclusive comic book called Batman ’66 that continues the series with all of the ingredients that made the original fun.

Batman: The Complete Series will be released in DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download formats in November 2014.



Michael Brown
Michael Brown

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