[krvod url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdddDwRq0zI]We’ve spent decades wondering whether the cat in the box was dead, or alive, or how it could be both at once. The biggest problem, according to geek chanteuse Sarah Donner, is that in all this time nobody has bothered to ask the cat what it thought.

Sarah has a clear bright voice, a charming presence, and that so-necessary sense of humor that makes each of her songs a delight. This song, called The Rebuttal of Schrödinger’s Cat  was filmed entirely on location at the Princeton Plasma Physics Library. And it’s brilliant.

Look for more of her music  on her website. Buy her new album, called “That is a Pegasus,” on Bandcamp.  And listen for this song and other works by Sarah Donner on SCIFI.radio.


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SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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