Heroes of Cosplayby Aly Runke, contibuting writer

The third episode of Heroes of Cosplay aired Tuesday and the audience finally gets to meet some of the new cast members on the show. Miguel Guifarro and Carl Martin are two new male cosplayers added to the show this summer. Both have high confidence in their abilities to compete and are excited by their chances at Animate! Miami. Yaya Han is judging this competition, and Chloe Dykstra, Jessica Merizan, and Holly Conrad are competing as a group once more. Admittedly from the teaser of this episode I was scared that drama was going to be re-introduced into the show between the cosplayers, but I believe the producers are working hard to not have that happen.

This episode had a good balance of showing cosplay work and getting to know the two new guys on the scene. Guifarro is from New York and decided to build BlackWarGreymon from the second season of Digimon. Guifarro seems to want to bring out the fierceness of his cosplay with his character choices. He claimed to like anything with black & chrome colors and claws. His construction was smooth and though scared that his need to be macho would cause trouble he was a very talented fabricator and passionate about the characters he was cosplaying.

Meanwhile,  before the contest, Martin talked a big game to the other cast members about his cosplay skill. This may have been his downfall when he ended up picking a too-ambitious costume to create: The Mannequin from Silent Hill. The costume ended up a big mess of latex and PVC pipes. He could barely walk, and it was more disturbing to look at than it was impressive; it seemed to attract flies. So it seemed Martin will have to truly work hard to live up to his initial bragging.

On the other hand Dykstra, Merizan, and Conrad got an amazing opportunity to cosplay characters from the videogame Dragon Age! Inquisitor, and Dykstra got to cosplay a character that had yet to be released, Sera, in order to help with the character’s design and development. All three girls had to stretch their fabricating skills and showcase abilities we haven’t seen from them in prior episodes. Their hard work pays off in the end as the group does win one of the prizes at the end of the contest.

Next week’s episode takes us to Portland’s Wizard World Con. This con was the center of some high drama last summer. It will be interesting to see what will be introduced to the audience this time. Also in the next episode we will be introduced to another new cast member, Meg Turney. Turney has good fan base of her own outside of Heroes and I look forward to her addition to the cast. We still await the introduction of Katie George in the future.



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