Heroes of Cosplayby Aly Runke, contributing writer

The second episode of Heroes of Cosplay aired Tuesday June 3rd and our heroes were competing at an international con in Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa Pop Expo’s cosplay contest adheres to the International Costume Guidelines, a stricter set of rules, creating a demand for excellent craftsmanship in this episode’s cosplay. In this episode we follow Yaya Han, Jessica Merizan, Jesse Lager, Indra Rojas, and Riki LeCotey as they prepare to compete.

The cast in this episode, again with minimal cast drama, crafted some extraordinary cosplay. In fact, the only drama involved costumes, which at least in my case is the only drama worth watching on a show about cosplay. Han was preparing to have Lasix eye surgery and couldn’t wear contacts at the con, leaving her character choices limited to characters that wear glasses. Han’s are not the only challenges faced in this episode. Rojas and LeCotey have their own set of issues in the episode. Both are attempting popular characters from the online game League of Legends. Lecotoy has to abandon her cosplay for another halfway through due to a time crunch. She ends up cosplaying as Elizabeth from Persona, pulling off an awesome Tarot card prop using mascots. Rojas manages to complete her League cosplay of Ahri, a character with nine fluffy white tails. Unable to find a way to prop her tails, she ends up letting them float along behind her.

Of course these weren’t the only cases of supreme craftsmanship. Merizan, in homage to Jim Henson, decides to create a Skeksis puppet of gi-normous skill and proportions. My personal favorite was Legers’ version of The Mandarin from Iron Man 3. He molded ten metal rings and wore beard extensions as well as sewing a meticulously detailed cloak. He definitely got the biggest geek-out reaction from me.

Other amazing cosplays were featured in the contest including that of Goddess Madoka, Thranduil, and Daenerys.  Next week’s episode will be at Animate! Miami and the new cast members for the summer will finally be showcased. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in comments!



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