Phoenix Comiconby Aly Runke and Zoe de Lellis, contributing writers

I first went to Phoenix Comicon in 2009 as a freshman in high school. I barely knew a thing about cosplay but I was obsessed with anything and all things anime so I was excited. I dragged my best friend with me. I wore a Sakura dress from the anime Naruto with no wig, and blue Vans. She refused to wear a costume but I made her wear kitty ears; by the time we arrived she said she felt out of place in normal clothes and kept chanting, “I love my ears! I love my ears!”

That con was the beginning of a deep-rooted love. Most people were very kind about my very noob cosplay and I enjoyed seeing everyone doing something they loved. By the end of the convention, I had no qualms about asking for a picture or hugging a favorite character. From then on, I went to PCC every year through high school, and as the con grew so did my love for cosplay and everything involved at a con. I’ve met voice actor Vic Mignogna from Full Metal Alchemist, gone to meetups, and never wanted to leave each year. Last year I didn’t go to PCC and instead went to a California con: Fanime. I’m so excited to come back to a con that’s home to me. PCC has grown huge and with it we get more and more awesome celebrities and activities. I can’t wait to share it this year with one of my best friends, Zoe de Lellis!

What to expect: All your favorites!! This year’s guests are some big-leaguers! John Barrowman, Adam West, Burt Ward, Nathan Fillion, Stan Lee, Mark Sheppard, John Scalzi, Jim Butcher, Patrick Rothfuss, and Stephen Amell top the list. Most of these guys have either spotlight events, signings, or both! Parking is plentiful, but paid, so keep that in mind when you’re weighing your options. It usually runs $10-12 per day, but if you’re staying at the Hyatt Regency, they offer a $5 discount to con-goers. The Phoenix Comicon website highly encourages goers to utilize Light Rail – it’s $2 each way and stops right across the street from the Con.

Most, if not all, TV, film, and voice actors autographs and photos have a charge that varies; otherwise, it’s up to the guest whether they would like to charge or not (most authors don’t charge). Most events do not have special tickets you need to pick up beforehand, but the panels and conversations don’t clear out after each one, so you might want to sit in on an earlier one if there’s a panel you’re dying to go to.

Events, panels, and exhibits run through 2:00AM, so if you’re planning on staying that long, prepare!! Good walking shoes and lots of water are a must! The event hours run: Thursday 4:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m., Friday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m., and Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.

For additional information about Phoenix Comicon please visit the event website. If you can’t make it to the con, don’t worry; we’ll be covering all the best panels, events, and cosplay for you! Stay tuned to!


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