backupRibbonIn light of the recent surge in interest in the #yesallwomen hashtag and the ongoing campaign against sexual harassment at major science fiction and comic book conventions, we are replaying the episode of The Event Horizon featuring Tina Beychok and Dr. Rebecca Housel, with guest Kristine Cherry, producer of The Corsair’s Closet here on

Tina Beychok is one of the founders of the Backup Ribbon Project, a grass roots movement to ensure that women have the support they need in situations involving harassment at conventions;  Dr. Rebecca Housel, “The Pop Culture Professor”, is an outspoken champion of women’s rights.

The episode will air this evening at 9PM, and again on Sunday at 4PM, then again next Thursday at 4PM.  All broadcast times are Pacific time.

The Event Horizon – it’s sci-fi for your wifi.

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