douglas-adams-1952Fans of the late Douglas Adams are carrying towels in his memory today, the 13th observance of Towel Day. This remembrance began in 2001, just two weeks after the beloved author’s death. Since then, Towel Day has grown around the world, and there are a wide variety of events marking the day. In addition to Adams fans worldwide carrying towels, there are towel design contests, photo contests, Towel Day playlists, Vogon poetry contests, and hoopy froods are gathering in locations from New York to Shanghai, and Toronto to Rome to honor the memory of Douglas Adams.

In Victoria, Australia, the Warrnambool Ukelele Group will be “invading the loacal shopping centre … [to] confuse the masses by singing all those old favourite towel orientated songs that we have all grown to love such as the Hank Williams classic ‘Your Cheating Towel’ and evergreen Irish standard ‘Towel Me Ma’ all whilst carrying towels! Oh and possibly Ukuleles if they remember.”

HitchhikersGuideIn Adelaide, Australia, they’re meeting at Dillon’s book shop for deep philosophical thinking about the number 42 and tea-drinking, followed by a pub-crawl.

And in Innsbruck, where Douglas Adams first had the idea to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the hackerspace IT-Syndikat organises its 11th annual Don’t Panic Party.

Göteborg, Sweden is holding a parade for Towel Day and Geek Pride, organized by the SF Bookshop; and in Leicester, England, The National Space Center is visual effects designer Mike Tucket (Doctor Who) and director Kevin Davies who worked on the animations in the TV series. The event will raise funds for Save the Rhino, which Douglas Adams was a spokesperson of.

No matter where you are, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to grab your towel and raise a glass (or cup) to the work and memory of Douglas Adams today! For more information, check out the Towel Day website.

So long, Mr. Adams, and thanks for all the fish!


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