by Nur Hussein, contributing writer 

[krvod url=]Look, an original sci-fi film not based on an existing property! Such a thing is a rarity in Hollywood nowadays. Christopher Nolan, acclaimed director of hit movies such as the recent Batman trilogy, The Prestige and Inception, gives us a story of interstellar travel. It was penned by Nolan and his brother, Jonathan Nolan, based on a concept by producer Lynda Obst and astrophysicist Kip Thorne. Not many details are known about the story, other than it involves a wormhole. However we get the first trailer today, and we can guess a few more details.

Hinted in the trailer is a dystopian future where resources are dwindling for the human race, and our protagonist (Matthew McConaughey) is recruited by a professor played by Michael Caine to get on a spaceship and … explore space? The trailer doesn’t make it clear, but the mission is probably for human expansion into the stars, since it’s implied we’re running out of food on Earth. We see our hero say goodbye to his family as he heads for space, and the vibe I’m getting from this is perhaps Armageddon meets Contact (incidentally, also starring Matthew McConaughey).

Warner Bros has announced a release date of November 7th, 2014. Christopher Nolan has always delivered entertaining movies, so we’ll see if he keeps his track record up with this film.

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Nur Hussein
Nur Hussein

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