[krvod url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK-LPEtbajQ#t=0]How does Spider-Man get around when he runs out of web fluid?  Parkour, of course!

Today’s clip features parkour athlete Ronnie Shalvis, a professional stunt man.   We think the “don’t try this at home” part goes without saying, but if it inspires you to become more than you are, your future begins today.

Ronnie has been doing parkour now for about the last seven years, overcoming phobias about heights and being upside down.  He’s done stunt work for games and commercials, and has now set his sights on being a stunt coordinator.

Our favorite quote from his web site: “Parkour teaches us how to overcome physical obstacles, but it can teach us so much more then that. It can teach us how to overcome any trials or obstacles we face in life. My purpose now is to use parkour as a means to help others understand the art of overcoming obstacles and to shed a new perspective on the world. One of beauty, discovery and self accomplishment. I do this through training, meeting people, creating videos and social networking. I may not be able to fly around and save people yet, but I strive to give others that same hope as I fall with style…”

Enjoy this amazing demonstration.

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