SCIFI.radio's U.K. correspondent, Ralph Carr, styling (and sweating!) in his Steampunk Cyberman costume.

SCIFI.radio’s U.K. correspondent, Ralph Carr, styling (and sweating!) in his Steampunk Cyberman costume.

by Ralph Carr, U.K. correspondent

On Sunday, 27 April, 2014, fans flocked to Glyndwr University in Wrexham, Wales for Wales Comic Con. I arrived at the convention at around 11:30 am and crowds were already queuing around the block. Escorting celebrated author Raven Dane, I was able to bypass all the queues, and get in to the convention very quickly. The main hall was packed and had stars from TV shows and film, signing autographs and chatting. Among the guests were comedian and comic book author Jonathan Ross, and actors Warwick Davis (WillowReturn of the Jedi, and the Harry Potter movies), Mark Addy (Game of Thrones), and Eve Myles (Torchwood), along with Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn, and Norman Lovett from Red Dwarf, Royd Tolkein, and Colin Cunninham from Falling Skies and Stargate.

As well as the usual merchandising, there were artists from Marvel and DC comic books, drawing and signing original artwork.

I was amazed at how friendly and approachable these celebrities are, and have over the course of the day, had many of them accept invitations to be interviewed for The Event Horizon, here on SCIFI.radio.

I tried, oh how I tried, to get near to Jonathan Ross, to see if I could have a word with the man himself, but he was surrounded by fans and security, so I left him to his adoring public.

One thing I did find out, was that a bulky costume and Roving Reporter, do not mix well together. The Steampunk Cyberman costume was so hot, and when the sun eventually came out (Wales, remember), thinking on any level was almost impossible. Next time, I shall cosplay as a reporter (maybe Clark Kent)!

The cosplay was, as usual at these events, utterly superb, with everyone involved, giving their all for their take on their favourite celebrities, heroes and characters. And again, what really gets me is that everyone is so encouraging. I never heard a single negative comment, and every cosplayer got extravagant praise, from the most humble, to the most complex. And most interesting of all, Ladies in the same outfit, being genuinely nice to each other.

There were leagues of Justice League of America characters, including Superman, Batman and the Green Arrow, along with Marvel characters a plenty, Captain America, Hulk on the change, Thor, Loki and others I didn’t recognise like the Bloodthirsty Red Riding Hood, complete with severed BBW head and dripping knife!!!

Truly an experience to behold, this Comic Con, may not be the biggest in the world, but it makes up for that with an enthusiastic public, amazing Celebrity line up, and superb behind the scenes organisation.

Bravo WCC 2014, Bring it On for Next Year!




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