Malu_Main-208x300[krvod side=left url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72oJGTPSWIM]If you somehow fused the soul of a Stradivarius with a silver bell, you’d have an approximation of singer / composer Malukeh’s voice. In today’s Video of the Day, we feature her tribute to Cortana in Halo 3, Frozen Sleep.

Malukah is a composer of music for mobile games, commercials, jingles, short films and music libraries, but she’s perhaps best known for her covers of songs from Bethesda’s Skyrim. It’s recursive, too – her covers earned her an opportunity to write bard songs for Elder Scrolls Online.

What Malukah has to say about Frozen Sleep:

Ever since I played the ending of Halo 3, I’ve been haunted by the thought of Cortana all alone on the ship for many years. When Halo 4 trailers revealed that it was a difficult time for her because of the rampancy AI’s experience after a certain time in service, I really wanted to make a tribute song about that. She is one of my favorite characters in video games. 🙂

I feel really attached to the music from previous Halo games, composed by the awesome Marty O’Donnell, so it was fun trying build the tribute around that.

Listen for this song on SCIFI.radio, along with selections from the beautiful Halo sound track by Marty O’Donnell.


  • Malukah’s web site
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  • Malukah’s YouTube channel
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Halo 4 official site
  • Free MP3 & chords: http://www.malukah.com/FREE



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