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Five men on death row are given a choice: die as planned, or undergo an experimental treatment that will change them forever. Today’s Video of the Day is the theme song for the newest graphic novel from Off Shoot Comics, and a fascinating example of transmedia.  The Project is the brainchild of Walter Bryant and David Clarke, and illustrated by Charlie Fithian.

Welcome to The Project.

The artists are Sealy Troh, D – Classic and Tah’ Anthony.  David Clarke of Off Shoot Comics has known Sealy Troh since high school and asked him to do the theme for the new book.  Troh and friends loved the book, and agreed!  The result speak for themselves.

Offshoot Comics is a Christian comic book company founded by David Clarke and Walter Bryant. They publish everything from horror comics to children’s books. The graphic novel The Project opens the door to a whole universe of new characters.  Find out more about them at Offshootcomics.com or subscribe to them on YouTube. You can also download your own copy of this song for free.


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