Credit: Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson

Credit: Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson

by Michael Brown, staff writer

An epic tale is in the making. A tale of a far-flung future, time travel,  lost artifacts, a desperate race through history, and the two museum curators who will save us all … if they can stop arguing long enough.  Pike and Trident is a 10-episode web series created by Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson, and it’s being funded through an Indiegogo campaign.

Pike and Trident takes place in the year 3535 where, even though technology has vastly improved, Turney says, “we’ve evolved to being a little more barbaric,” with medical technology that allows you to heal quickly after settling arguments the preferred way, by fighting and brawling.  Cars have become things of the distant past, and citizens move around by “hopping” from point A to point B, and time travel has become possible.

Myrtle Pike (played by Turney) and Trudy Trident (played by Robinson) are curators of a priceless artifact exhibit at the Museum of Now and Then. Pike and Trident, who absolutely do not get along, get into an argument that sends Trident crashing into a control board that causes the artifacts of their exhibit to be scattered across time. The curators are then ordered by their boss, after a sound thrashing, to go into the past and collect the artifacts before history is irreparably damaged, or lose their jobs.

Along the way, the duo will bump into, or collide with, some historical characters. No one obvious, like George Washington, says Turney, who also serves as the series’ producer and co-director, but, rather, lesser-known figures who also contributed to their respective time periods. And they’re being tight-lipped about whom fans might see.  The time-traveling duo will be visiting such periods as Victorian England during the cholera outbreak, Rome during the days of the gladiators, and cavorting with the likes of pirates, the one episode Turney and Robinson both say they’re  eager to do.

“Think of it as Warehouse 13 meets Rizzoli and Isles meets Doctor Who,” says Robinson, who conceptualized the series and will also serve as producer and screenwriter, in addition to her role as Trudy Trident.

In addition to Turney herself, who graduated with a BFA and an MFA in acting from Ohio State and has spent years as a stunt coordinator and theatrical combat coach, the duo have tapped Jan Bryant to help with the fight choreography and co-direction. Bryant, whose work can be seen in such films as HidalgoMaster and Commander, and Army of Darkness, will ensure that the fight scenes are action-packed and accurate. “I’ve known Jan for almost 20 years now,” Turney said, “and worked with her and she’s just amazing.”

Credit: Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson

Credit: Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson

Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson are no strangers to producing successful web series. Robinson’s prior work includes the series Awkward Embraces, in which she co-produced and starred; The Stalker Chronicles, which she co-produced, and the upcoming Tales of the Sword, with Jan Bryant as fight choreographer.

Kim Turney’s credits include Perils of the Pirate Princess, which was a silent film in the early days of web series production, due to the fact that the Screen Actors Guild hadn’t gotten involved in web series production yet and it was possible to make waves; Messages in a Bottle, the sequel to Perils of the Pirate PrincessThe Skyrim Parodies with Kristin Nedopak; and Fight Class: The Series, an instructional series with Jan Bryant demonstrating fight choreography.

Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson’s Indiegogo campaign for Pike and Trident began March 1, 2014, and, while they haven’t quite reached their $42,000 goal, they have raised enough to film their first episode, with soundtrack by Robb Padgett, a veteran composer for web series, so they remain optimistic. “We know the music is going to be awesome,” Turney said.

Filming on the first episode will begin in May, and the hope to release it toward the end of June. But they’re not content to stop there. While they’re filming the first episode of their action/adventure/comedy series, they hope to raise enough money to film their second episode, which will include a full-on tavern brawl. They’ve even hinted that if they’re able to do a second season, we may see an appearance by Nikola Tesla. “I do like the idea of promoting him …” Turney said. And for every $500 they earn, Turney will punch Robinson in the face in a fight scene. And for every $1000 they earn, Robinson will stab Turney and elicit a death scene. “And the death scenes will get more complicated the more money we get,” Turney said, laughing.

The Indiegogo campaign for Pike and Trident ends April 20. For more information on how you can help and what you get if you do, you can follow this link, not unlike the hoppers of 3535, to their Indiegogo site.




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