On March 22, William Shatner will be 345 in dog years. That’s pretty good no matter what species you are. Although one of science fiction media’s most famous actors has plenty of bragging rights, one of his favorite claims might be as the “father” of a long series of Doberman Pinscher dogs.


Ever since the fandom first became acquainted with the man behind Captain Kirk, he has had Dobermans. From the “special underwear” theatre story from Star Trek Lives, through hiding Leonard Nimoy’s bicycle behind the Doberman guarding Shatner’s dressing room, to posting video and pictures of the latest Shatner family babies on Twitter, William Shatner’s life has always held an undercurrent of the handsome working/guardian dogs.

He does not limit himself to canine quadrupeds, of course. AHEAD With Horses (Accelerated Habilitation Education And Development), which uses horses for therapy with children who are medically disadvantaged, lists his Hollywood Charity Horse Show as their very first sponsor. The Show itself is being sponsored by Priceline.com and Wells Fargo among other corporations, allowing the proceeds to benefit not just this one charity but several. “You can’t watch these kids without knowing you have to help, somehow.” This year’s help will be on April 26 at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

Before that big event, though, Shatner will be celebrating his birthday in, of all places, the middle of a convention. Perhaps the folks at the Mad Monster Party will present their stellar guest with a birthday cake, for all of us wishing him a happy 83rd or 345th.

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Lisa M.A. Winters
Lisa M.A. Winters