killjoyby Zoe de Lellis, contributing writer

My Chemical Romance fans and comic book fans rejoice!! Lead singer of the now defunct (DON’T REMIND ME!) My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, is releasing all six issues of his comic, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys in one compendium. These comics are a continuation of the storyline presented in the music album of the same name. Unfortunately, the band released only two music videos depicting the Killjoys, and the storyline ended abruptly with the Killjoys’ deaths, so we were all left hanging for a while, but never fear! This compendium of six issues might sate your thirst for those crazy desert rebels.

These comics take place 10 years after the original Killjoys. Only three of the original characters remain: the kooky-yet-ever-wise Doctor Death-Defying, The Girl, and Korse, a robot who headed up the attack and death of the original Killjoys. The Girl finds a group of teenage rebels living out in the desert, outside of Battery City. It’s up to her and her new friends to put a stop to the totalitarian Better living Industries (BL/ind) and their plans for total control of every citizen in the city.

Filled with robots, cool ray guns, quirky characters, and awesome hair dye, I think The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys is a spectacular ending to an equally spectacular concept. There is worldbuilding – oh, is there worldbuilding! If you’ve seen the videos and listened to the songs, there’s a cohesiveness that’s impressive, especially for the content being spread across multiple kinds of media. I especially loved the inclusion of little lines from the songs sprinkled here and there into the storyline. The allusions to the original Killjoys definitely tie this new story and the old one together nicely.

The illustrations are superb; they could have leaned toward the gaudy side – like the illustrations on the walls of county fair rides, and there are certain characters that could have been over-sexualized – but they didn’t, much to my happy surprise. They’re sharp and crisp, painting the desert world in neon colors.

If you’re looking for a new sci-fi world to immerse yourself in, if you’re a huge My Chemical Romance fan and can’t get enough of anything they do (ahem… me), or if you’re an insatiable comic lover, check out The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, you just might enjoy it!!!

Expected publication date: May 20, 2014 from Dark Horse Comics



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