Today’s offering comes from one of the top three “chap hop” acts in the world of steampunk, Poplock Holmes & DJ Watson.  It’s the music video for a comedy piece called Monster Hunters, and it’s rollicking good fun.

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‘Twas a long, long time ago, on a night just like this.
By the full moons light, in the middle of the night, when I crept and hid.
Searching, hunting, hiding, and wanting, more treasures for my den.
My Mammoths tusks and my dinosaur bones, where do I begin.
You see my Polar bear and my Lions share of Rat Kings and the like,
It’s the obscure and the occult that, I find delight.
My menagerie is growing each and every day.
But I digress; I must confess the hunting games I play.
It was late at night that summers eve, I was on the hunt.
It was a Yeti, a Bigfoot, a Sasquatch! and I had him on the run!
I tailed his trail and cornered him into old Bigfoot’s den.
I chased him to the bottom and I thought I got him
But he got me instead!

Monster Hunters, Monster Hunters
Hey Ho, what do you know? All those Monsters gots to go.

Now that Sasquatch had me, and he held way up high.
He squeezed me tight and in his sight, and he looked me in the eye.
I thought that he would eat me, but how would I be here?
He brought me in and opened wide, then he whispered in my ear.
He said “I’ve heard of you old Poplock Holmes, and I’ve heard about your flow,
But now you’re here in my hood, and you’ve gots to go!”
I held aloft my Blunderbuss and old Yeti knocked it down.
We locked our eyes, and he towered high, but still I stood my ground.
We battled wits and went tat for tits; we were toe to toe,
But when it came to Poplock, I told him, “Really chap? I’m Poplock Holmes… That’s Poplock Holmes, at your service.”

Monster Hunters, Monster Hunters
Hey Ho, what do you know? All those Monsters got to go.

©2013 J.Ridenour – Holmes Manor Publishing

Film Crew

Directed by Jerrold Ridenour
Director of Photography Christopher Lee Warren
Frank Langley as DJ Wattson and the Yeti
AC – Adam Houle
Hair Make-up – Lora Shepherd
Production Assistant – Gavin Ridenour


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