windowsMediaGuideTopPicksThe Windows Media Guide makes radio stations available to Windows users all over the world.  As one might expect, they have a Top Stations section where the editor picks some favorites.  There are only four in this category, and once of them, predictably, is BBC 3 Radio.

That you’d expect.  What you wouldn’t expect is that one of the other four is a SCI-FI RADIO STATION CALLED KRYPTON RADIO.

This marks the first time a sci-fi radio station has ever made it to the top stations listed in the Windows Media Guide.  SCIFI.radio is now established as a completely new kind of distribution medium for sci-fi content, and is in a category by itself.

The best in sci-fi radio keeps getting better.

SCIFI.radio – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi.

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P.S.  Squeeeee!!

P.P.S. You have our permission to copy and paste this article to your own blog or news site.  We think everybody should know about this.



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