There is so much good stuff in this clip that it’s hard to know where to begin.  The expressiveness of Disney animation is world renowned, but nowhere is it more evident than in this sequence.  Every tiny nuance of emotion can be plainly read in Elsa’s face, in her stance, and in her movements.  Elsa as an animated character delivers the goods. Everything is exactly – exactly – perfect.  And Idina Menzel’s performance as Elsa’s voice is breathtaking, astonishing and thrilling all at once.  If this doesn’t make you want to go see Disney’s Frozen, then nothing will.

You may have heard Idina’s silver voice before.  She originated the role of Ephelba in 2004’s Wicked  (she won the Tony Award that year for that one), and she’s a singer and songwriter with more than half a dozen albums to her credit.

This latest release from Disney animation is a long way from Valiant, an awkward misstep in an otherwise fine tradition of wonderful animated motion pictures.  In fact, it just may be the most beautiful film Disney has ever made.  We have to say Tangled is still right up there, though.

Go see the film if you can.  And especially, see it in 3D. Unlike a lot of movies where the 3D is a spare tire afterthought, Frozen was designed for 3D and it shows in every single scene.

Enjoy this gorgeous musical sequence.

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