A Special Thank You Message from SCIFI.radio Station Manager Gene Turnbow

SCIFI.radio Owner and Station Manager Gene Turnbow

SCIFI.radio Owner and Station Manager Gene Turnbow

Though we made only 11% of our goal of $24,000, we still have enough money to at least keep the radio station online and on the air through the end of this year and through the spring of 2014!  The campaign was success enough to save the day anyway.

Admittedly this was all a calculated risk – but we chose IndieGoGo this time, so we actually do get to keep the portion of our goal that the campaign did earn.

A lot of you went for the refrigerator magnets.  I have to be honest here – I haven’t done the design for them yet!  But that’s coming in the next day or so and you’ll see that posted here before they go out.  They’ll be on par with the quality of the t-shirts and coffee mugs, so expect something cool.

We will be sending out a questionnaire shortly to ask for sizes and styles for the apparel prizes, and we’ll be sending those out shortly as well.

For those watching our campaign and who were so generous with their financial support, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  The perks will begin going out in just a few days from now.

For those who were watching our campaign and did not contribute, your chance will come again soon enough.  We’re obviously going to have to come back to the well and work on another campaign in the spring.

And to those of you who stood by us, and shared the announcements in social media repeatedly and thumped the war drums for us and told your friends about us, thank you.  There are too many of you to mention individually, but you have our undying gratitude, and our loyalty.

Again, thank you all, backers and supporters alike, for your generosity with both your time and your hard earned dollars.  Thanks to you, SCIFI.radio lives on, and the daydreams we all share through the music live on too.


Gene Turnbow

President of Krypton Media Group, Inc.

Station Manager, SCIFI.radio

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