Join us this evening on The Event Horizon at 9PM PDT / 12 EDT for a journey into the mind of fantasy illustrator David Hancock. This evening’s edition of The Event Horizon for September 28, 2013 features our own Ralph Carr who interviews this remarkable watercolor artist.

David has been focusing on the cosplay subculture for years. He’s fascinated by cosplayers’ ability to take their characters into the urban landscape and use their imagination to transform their surroundings — to transform the mundane into the sublime.  He has had many gallery showings in the U.K. and currently studying for his doctorate at the University of Salford  in Manchester, England, where he lives.

You can hear the episode again on Sunday, Sepember 29th, at 4PM PDT / 7PM EDT.

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  • David Hancock’s art site
  • A page on his exhibit at Wolverhampton Gallery earlier this year
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