We love this.

Be careful where you step in Earl’s Court Road, London, you might find yourself suddenly in a blue box headed for a destination in time and space unknown, in the company of a madman. To see what the Google Maps street level camera saw, click this Google Maps link then click the double-white arrows directly in front of the call box. Immediately you’re transported inside the Doctor’s famous time machine, complete with a detailed 360 degree view of its interior and various controls.

But it gets even cooler.  Get those blue and red lens 3D glasses out of your desk drawer, because if you right-click on the Google images, there’s an option to view it all in 3D.

This had to have been arranged with the BBC.  The image dates on Google shows it was done in May of 2013.  We don’t know if there are any more around England like this, but it’s a pretty amazing Easter Egg.

If you find any more Doctor Who surprises on Google Maps, let us know.  For now, this one’s a treat!

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