It’s a blast from the past with today’s Video of the Day.  Today we sit back, put bras on our heads and rock out to the theme from the 80’s classic Weird Science!

Weird Science is a 1985 American teen sci-fi comedy film written and directed by John Hughes and starring Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, and Kelly LeBrock. The film’s producer, Joel Silver, acquired film rights to the pre-Comics Code Authority 1950s EC Comics magazine of the same name, from which the plot is developed as an expansion and modernization of the basic premise in Al Feldstein’s story Made of the Future in the fifth issue. The title song was written and performed by American new wave band Oingo Boingo.

The film did reasonably well in the theaters, and enjoys a continued presence on late night television movie reruns, but it gave Geekdom an anthem.

See if you don’t agree.

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