Based on the Taylor Swift song I Knew You Were Trouble When You Dropped In, Josh Millard’s funny Trek filk hits the mark cleanly and mercifully.

Guys. Guys. You are actually chomping down on that big old “ha ha I said Star Wars on a video about Star Trek” bait. Like this is your first day on the internet. I know that you know how dumb this is. You can feel it in your heart.

Just close your eyes and breathe deep and accept the inevitability of pop culture canon intersectionality. Visualize Chewie as a tribble with gigantism, and go forth with a sense of peace and smiling eyes.

He’s also got a web comic called LARP Trek | Boldly larping where no crew has larped before.  It’s a photo-pastiche comic, using visuals from the TV shows to get a laugh, a giggle, or a smile.

Listen for this tune on during the day!


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