It might be difficult to recognize Toby Froud today if you didn’t know him personally.  After all, the last time Toby’s face was seen by any significant number of people was when he was playing this role:


No, not the Goblin King.  That was David Bowie.  We’re talking about the baby.

Toby Froud today is a sculptor, fabricator, and puppeteer.   The son of fantasy artists and designers Brian and Wendy Froud, he was of course completely immersed in a world of fantasy and magic pretty much from birth.

Now he’s working with Heather Henson, continuing the Henson-Froud tradition of collaboration.  Heather Henson of IBEX Entertainment, is the executive producer for Toby’s new project, Lessons Learned.

In Lessons Learned, a young boy is given a mysterious box by his grandfather, and is faced with having to learn lessons he might not be ready for.

Over the years, Toby has worked at Weta on the Chronicles of Narnia and King Kong, and at Laika Studios on Paranorman and their new feature The Boxtrolls.  Fans’ confidence in Mr. Froud is evidenced by the fact that he’s already reached his goal, with 23 days to go before the Kickstarter ends.

It is our hope that he receives his funding many times over, because production budgets have a way of springing surprises on you, and this way he’ll be ready.

If you have a few dollars floating around and want to contribute, you can be a part of something wonderful.  We can hardly wait to see what Toby does with this.

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  • Toby Froud’s Kickstarter for Lessons Learned
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