Vampires are far from dead.  As a cultural meme, we mean.  They’re enjoying a resurgence from sparkly vegetarian twilight purgatory through their reinvention as real engines of evil, and there’s a graphic novel currently being promoted as a project on Kickstarter that seems to have it right.

Clan of the Vein‘s log line is “It’s Die Hard with vampires! The world’s deadliest vampire assassin thought he had hunted them all to extinction. He was dead wrong.”  Right away you can tell that some serious writing chops have gone into this project; what’s left is finishing the art and color, and getting the thing to the printers.

The story is about Ian MacBane – history’s most deadly vampire turned vampire assassin. He’s spent centuries exterminating vampires, and now that he’s the last one he’s been hiding out in an ancient castle on an uncharted island off Hy Brasil, where he survives on an alchemic serum that suppresses his thirst for human blood.

Then a squad of vampires called the Children of Judas attack show up and ruin his revery. The last remaining vampires have joined forces to locate an ancient artifact that would give birth to a new generation of monsters. The location of this lost artifact is locked deep in the abyss of MacBane’s forgotten past and his enemies will stop at nothing to force him to remember.

Too cool, right?

Co-Creators Neil D’Monte & Neo Edmund wanted to make a throwback to the violent action-filled vampire comics – no glittering vampires here. In fact, the antihero spends part of the story in a weakened, deteriorated form. When D’Monte initially drew the character of MacBane, he had award winner Viggo Mortenson in mind. As for the comic book artwork and storyboarding aspects of the film, D’Monte is going for Blade-style action sequences and the awe-inspiring visage of What Dreams May Come to craft this violent love story.

Comics are the stepping stone from books and stories to movies, and they’re an art form in their own right.  We think this project takes vampires back to the essentials that make them such great characters in our modern mythology.  The creators of Clan of the Vein are already thinking in these terms – there’s a web site dedicated to taking it into motion picture form if everything else goes well, and why not?  This looks like a natural.

Have a look at the Kickstarter.  You may just want to be a part of this one.

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