Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

Today marks 42 years for actor Nathan Fillion, whose geek-appeal just keeps growing. Perhaps you know him as Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly and Serenity), or as Richard Castle (Castle). Would you believe he was even Captain Hammer in Joss Whedon’s cult classic Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog? Maybe you recognized his voice in Justice League: Doom, on Robot Chicken, Venture Brothers, or King of the Hill.  Whatever role you remember him best by, you’re undoubtedly looking forward to what he’s up to next!

This summer will bring two new opportunities to see Fillion on the big screen. In August, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, will feature Fillion as Hermes in a storyline which spins Greek mythology with superhero flair.  In June, the hotly anticipated Joss Whedon version of Much Ado About Nothing comes out, with Fillion playing the bumbling (or is he?) comedic character, Dogberry. If you’re headed to Wondercon this weekend, check out the Much Ado About Nothing panel on Sunday!

Fillion didn’t originally plan to become an actor. He started out to become a teacher. He was, in fact, within months of graduating from the University of Alberta when he got the opportunity to land the regular role of Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live. Though his career has continued down the acting path, he hasn’t set aside educating children. In 2007, Fillion and author PJ Haarsma – who writes Young Adult Sci-Fi – founded Kids Need to Read. Their website explains that KNTR was, “founded with a passion to improve the lives of disadvantaged children by providing inspiring book collections and engaging literacy programs to underfunded schools, libraries, and organizations across the nation, Kids Need to Read aspires to empower and embolden every last child through a culture of reading.”

So, what does Nathan Fillion want for his birthday? He posted on Twitter, “My birthday. Buy me a coffee (donate coffee equivalent)?” He asks his fans to contribute to his birthday fundraiser at Charity: Water.  If providing books for children is more your speed, there is also a Nathan Fillion Birthday Fundraiser for Kids Need to Read. If you’ve ever wanted to buy Nathan Fillion a cup of coffee, here’s your chance!



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