In which The Doctor meets a lonely little girl…

by Executive Producer Susan Fox

They telegraph pretty well who the little girl is, so it’s not so dramatic a surprise as to who she is at the end.  But it’s still adorable, and makes a splendid prequel for the second half of the 7th season of Doctor Who – which, we hasten to add,hits the airwaves in about a week.

Good thing that little girls in the Whoniverse don’t listen to that advice about “Don’t Talk To Strangers.”
Good thing that wasn’t The Master.

Doctor Who starts once again with his new companion Clara Oswald on March 30 in the U.S and the U.K, and on March 31 in Australia (but at the same time as the UK, thanks to that pesky International Date Line thing.)


Global Times

  • United Kingdom (BBC 1) – 30 March, 2013
  • United States (BBC America) – 30 March, 2013
  • Canada (Space) – 30 March, 2013
  • South Africa (BBC Entertainment) – 31 March, 2013
  • Australia (ABC 1) – 31 March 2013
  • Poland (BBC Entertainment) – 31 March 2013

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