Reviewed by Movie Moxie’s Alicia Glass

Studio: BioWare, Electronic Arts (EA), Funimation, Production I.G.

Writer: Henry Gilroy

Director: Atsushi Takeuchi

Review Rating: 7

Based on the wildly popular Mass Effect video game franchise, Paragon Lost is a prequel to Mass Effect 3, wherein Alliance Marine James Vega leads an elite special forces squad to a remote colony to learn more about the mysterious new threat known only as the Collectors.

You must be a fan of the Mass Effect video game franchise and storyline, in order to get this film. I cannot stress that enough. However, if you like the blue gals (the Asari) or the war-like Krogan, the rich storytelling and environments and attention paid to detail, the cartoon film is worth a try. Given intense detail by a glorious collaboration between BioWare and Production I.G., known for their work on Ghost In the Shell, the latest Mass Effect story springs to glorious life.

So the human colony of Fehl Prime, producers of pharmaceuticals for the Systems Alliance, comes originally under attack by the Krogan Archuk and his Blood Pack mercenaries. Delta Squad, led by Lieutenant James Vega, is dispatched to the planet to handle the problem. Soon enough, Delta Squad discovers the source of the problem isn’t the Krogan at all, they’re being executed gangland style right along with the resisting humans. The mysterious beings known as the Collectors have taken to scooping up the human colonists with no explanation, and Delta Squad is determined to stop them, even at the cost of their own lives!

There is plenty more that goes on, but it wouldn’t mean anything unless you know the ME world, things like Seeker Squads and biotics, Prothean archives and Praetorian warriors. Yes there is a traitor working from within Delta Squad, but whom he’s betraying and why, is a big involved storyline that you need to have played at least one of the ME games to really get. The stress and sacrifices Lieutenant Vega has to go through makes him a completely believable character; you really feel bad for him at what you think is the end of the film, yet his journey continue whether he likes it or not!