We know about the Man of Steel, and we know about Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy of Batman films.  And we know that if Warner has any plans at all to go toe to toe with the Marvel juggernaut and the Avengers movies, and J.J. Abrams signing up to do the next Star Wars movie with Lucasfilm, that they’d better get it in gear and start working on that Justice League movie that seems all but inevitable at this point.

But a major missing puzzle piece is Wonder Woman.  There is a Wonder Woman movie currently in development, but no director or screenwriter has been signed so far. Yet Diana Prince is the third member of the Big Three that really ought to have her own film.  Joss Whedon walked awy from a Wonder Woman television series when the investors and studio execs tinkered with the concept so much that it was unrecognizable as Wonder Woman by the time they were done.

But what if they put veteran stuntman turned filmmaker Jesse V. Johnson at the helm – could Wonder Woman kick some butt at the box office? We think she could.  This new short viral film may just put those fears to rest as Danish singer Nina Bergman takes on the title role in this engaging little featurette Johnson has produced.

Johnson self-financed the film – this approach is fast becoming a way of getting noticed in the motion picture business.  He’s recently directed the WWE action film  The Package starring ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.  Could this be his way of throwing his hat in the ring?

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